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Structured Financial Solutions

China Team

Sabina Brady
– Ms. Brady has over thirty years of experience living and working in China – in senior consulting, founder and leadership positions in both corporate and nonprofit sectors. From 1984 through 1998 she held numerous positions with various Groupe Schnieder companies including Gould Electronics, Modicon Inc., AEG, and AEG-Schneider. Ms. Brady was formerly China Country Director for the William J. Clinton Foundation prior to becoming Principal Advisor to the US-China Energy Cooperation Program, a US commercial-sector managed and financed NGO. She was its founding executive director until mid-2011.  With formal recognition at the presidential level by both the U.S. and Chinese governments, ECP uses its unique public-private platform to create and promote commercially viable business in clean energy, and thus support the realization of sustainable energy development by and between both countries. Ms. Brady is a graduate of Swarthmore College with a B.A. in economics and history.

Stefan Allesch-Taylor – Stefan is a partner of Clearbrook Capital Partners LLP and a Supervisory Board Member of NordFinanz Bank AG. He has been a London based financier for 20 years and has served as an advisor to a number of substantial international trusts and senior business leaders. He has also co-founded and financed a number of businesses serving as either Chief Executive or Chairman of companies in the property, industrial, technology and financial services sectors. He was appointed as Executive Chairman of a UK public company at the age of 27 and he has gained considerable experience as a corporate strategist and public company officer in the UK, US and Europe. Since 2007 he has focused specifically on the financial services sector co-founding, serving as Chairman or as a non-executive director of a number of asset managers and financial services companies. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of Coffeesmiths Collective Limited, a UK retail business; a Non-Executive Director of ISG, a sports stadium financing business, and is the Chairman of the Trustees of Pump Aid, an international water charity and The Afri-CAN Café Charity in Malawi.

Francis J. Carter – Mr. Carter is a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the ECS GP. He is a specialist in risk-management and a founder and former President of Uberrimae Fidei Insurance Company Ltd (Bermuda). He moved to Bermuda in 1971 after underwriting at Lloyds in London for ten years. With forty years of experience in the insurance/reinsurance industry, his career spans a Lloyds background, having been an integral part of the creation of the Bermuda Reinsurance Market, underwriting Alternative Risk Protection, Catastrophic Coverage and Financial Reinsurance Products, including Credit Upgrade Instruments. He has also been instrumental in the formation, structuring and design of Segregated Account Companies. His interests encompass alternative risk structuring, underwriting, broking and management, and the development and patenting of new products. Other executive positions include President of Independent Brokers Ltd., Vice President of Independent Management Ltd, President of Alcyone International Investments Ltd. and Heritage Properties Ltd. respectively, and Director of Aeolus Holdings Limited Foundation.

Peter Cartwright- Mr. Cartwright is a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the ECS GP. He was founder Calpine Corporation in 1984 after completing a long career in engineering that included building nuclear power plants around the world for General Electric. He established Calpine as a firm that provided management services to independent power generation companies but went on to build Calpine it into one of the largest independent power companies in the United States and the largest provider of environmentally cleaner “green power”. He joined General Electric in 1960 and worked for the company for 19 years, spending six of those years overseas. His responsibilities included plant construction, project management, and new business development. He oversaw the company’s technology development and licensing programs in Europe and Japan and worked in its nuclear energy division. In 1979 he left to join the New York–based engineering company Gibbs and Hill. He established the company’s western regional office, which provided engineering services primarily for power plants. Mr. Cartwright served in the US Navy Civil Engineer Corps after receiving his master’s degree in engineering from Columbia University and a BSc from Princeton University.

Peter Chen – Mr. Chen has many years of business development and management experience with AIRSYS Technology Company Limited (HK) – providing ICT base stations for companies such as British Telecom, China Telecom, GE, Reliance and Vodafone. He is a Director of AIRSYS and has served in senior management positions with AST Refrigeration and Solar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd and Air-serve A/C System Services Co Ltd (a China ESCO). Prior to joining the AIRSYS team, he worked for Chinese firms in the Middle East and afterwards in Shanghai for more than 6 years. He was involved in providing and implementing environmental and energy efficiency projects and solutions, as well as product development and manufacturing. Many of the projects in charged by Mr. Chen became government demonstration projects including those at Shanghai University and Carefour Supermarkets.

Professor Gao, Ting Yao – Professor Gao is a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the ECS GP. Previously he served as the first Chairman of the Board of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Group and now serves on the Board of Directors of HHO. He is a highly respected educator whose teaching career extended over fifty years. After graduating from Tongji University in 1953 he dedicated most of his career to the University, starting from the position of assistant lecturer, lecturer, assistant professor, professor, mentor of doctorate students, vice principal, principal, and dean of graduate school. He has been involved in teaching, research, engineering design and management of water supply and environmental engineering, focusing on water pollution control.

His research and technological works have received many national and provincial awards. He has also obtained patents in Europe and in China. Professor Gao has published over 120 research articles in renowned national and international journals and is an author of many text books.

Other than teaching, he was also in charge of design and construction of dozens of environmental and engineering projects. His other titles include:

  • Member of State Council Degree Major Review Panel
  • Judge of National Natural Science Foundation and the State Education Commission of Science and Technology Progress Award (Environmental Group)
  • Chairman of Technology Association of Shanghai Environmental Engineering Association

Liu, Fuqiang – Dr. Liu will be a Senior Consulting Engineer in the Project Implementation Team of the ECS Management Company. He has served from November 2009 (to present) as a Senior Engineer, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University, focusing on new technology development – solid wastes treatment. From November 2006 to October 2009 he was CTO (Chief Technical Officer), Shenzhen Dongjiang Environmental Group – developers of hazardous waste incinerator designs and co-incineration with rotary kilns.. He was CTO of United Engineering (Beijing) – as a medical waste incinerator designer for Simonds Incinerator Company (USA). His work has been focused on incinerator design including optimization of CAO Incinerators and design and construction of municipal solid waste incinerators. He holds BE degrees in Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, plus a MS degree and a PhD in Environmental Engineering.

Professor Nie, Yongfeng – Professor Nie is a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the ECS GP. He is a distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University, one of China’s leading Universities. He heads the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, and is a doctoral tutor for both Radiation Protection & Environmental Protection and Environmental Science and Engineering.

Formerly, Professor Nie served as Director of the Institute of Solid Waste Pollution Control and Resource Utilization in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University and as Laboratory Director for Nuclear Environment Engineering and Solid Waste Pollution Control. He is the Director of the Key Laboratory for Solid Waste Management and Environment Safety (Ministry of Education of China).

Professor Nie studied at Clemson University (USA) in the Department of Environmental System Engineering for three years as visiting scholar. He has been engaged in research on environmental pollution, nuclear waste disposal & environmental analysis of radiation safety, groundwater pollution, solid waste pollution & resource utilization, and environmental risk analysis. Professor Nie has led many national, ministerial and international scientific & technological co-operation projects. Over his career, he has won several national and provincial awards, published over 250 research papers on solid waste management, treatment & disposal, of which 30 papers are listed in the Science Citation Index and 60 in the Engineering Index. He has been granted over 20 patents.

Professional affiliations include: Member of the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, Member and Consultant of the Municipal Solid Waste Committee, the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry and Member of the Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development, Resource and Environment. He is also a Member of the Committee of Experts on Municipal Public Industry, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

George Zhong – Mr. Zhong is a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the ECS GP. He is the Chief Executive Officer of AST Companies in China (refrigeration and solar, environmental management and combined heat & power). He is an entrepreneur with more than 17 years’ experience in corporate management and project development, and his expertise is also seen in environmental protection, energy efficiency and advanced manufacturing business as well. Prior to entering private business, Mr. Zhong worked for the Chinese government’s Coal Mining Experts Team Mission to Tanzania before 1992 and thereafter for the China Zhuzhou municipal government up to 1994. He is the co-founder of Airsys Refrigeration Engineering Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 1995, which today is a leading global manufacturer and vendor of energy efficiency technologies and cooling equipment in the ICT market, with more than 500 full-time employees and a group of support companies.

He is also the co-founder of UE IE Mvirotech Pte. Ltd. In 2004 when medical waste posed a serious threat to the environment and public health in China after the SARS epidemic, the company provided the original pioneering private sector solution to counter public health threats by constructing and operating centralized medical waste treatment plants in ten cities throughout China in partnership with Chinese municipal governments. This environmental business is now serving more than 60 million Chinese people.

Mr. Zhong is a director of Airsys Technology Company Limited (HK, the CEO of AST Refrigeration and Solar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and a founder or Air-serve A/C System Services Co. Ltd. (China). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Nanjing University of Science and Technology of China.


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