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Structured Financial Solutions



Robert Erwin

Mr. Erwin is a founding principal of Aeicon Corporation Limited, an international consultancy investment banking firm. He has 25 years of worldwide advisory and project finance experience encompassing over USD 11 billion in transactions for energy, infrastructure and commercial real-estate assets in Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Mexico and the USA.

He is also founder of Aeicon Finanzas SA de CV (USD 800 million energy infrastructure financing platform), Aeicon MaxEn Partnership, LP, a US-based private equity firm, EPIC Clean Technologies Corporation (EPIC) (www.epiccleantech.com), MaxEn Asia Holdings Limited, MaxEn Capital Advisors Limited (www.maxencapital.com) and MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. See (www.maxwestenergy.com).

MaxEn Capital Advisors Limited is a member of the US-China Energy Co-operation Program and Mr. Erwin serves as its representative to the US-China ECP Clean Coal Working Group and its Energy Finance and Investment Working Group. He is an advisory director of Ruilin Holdings Ltd. Foundation, a member of the Board of Directors of EPIC and the United States Rugby Football Foundation and a member of the Explorers Club (NY).

Personal Project Advisory and Financing/Investment Experience:


Project NameCountrySummaryDeal Size
Torno & Vialco ArgentinaPrison for Ministry of Justice $92 mn
APELAustraliaCoal to liquids project in Victoria
$3 bn
Odebrecht MexicoOffshore platform for PEMEX
TTK Wireless BrazilLocal engineering company $12 mn
Odebrecht MexicoOffshore platform for PEMEX $163 mn
Ovalle & Moore ChileO&M contracting for Methanex $25 mn
Edison /Mission
ChinaSale of power assets in China
$60 mn
Liaoning Energy Co.ChinaJ/V acquisition of power equipment
$101 mn
Rozneftegaztroy China/Rus.Natural gas pipeline to China $ 6 bn
Doosan Power
EuropeInvestment in coal gasification
$ 15 mn
Ashanti GoldGhanaLease financing $25 mn
Karatau JSCKazakhstanRehab of ferro /manganese facility
$127 mn
Bufete IndustrialMexicoOperating concessions for PEMEX
$186 mn
Enron Eng. & Const
MexicoJV financing for PEMEX
$200 mn
Degremont/MarubeniMexicoPEMEX Wastewater treatment plant $52 mn
MepoltecMexicoMethanol production facility$300 mn
Petroleos Mexicanos MexicoWorking capital loans to contractors
$600 mn
MexicoTurnkey power facilities for CFE
$140 mn
Tribassa Mexico JV working capital
$62 mn
Ittehad ChemicalPakistanTurnkey power plant$78 mn
Greenwich TurbinesSenegalTurnkey power plant
$52 mn
Uganda Electric Uganda Turnkey power station $52 mn
EPIC Clean Tech.
USACorporate and project finance$40 mn
MaxWest USACorporate growth capital$20 mn


Richard E. Heien

MaxEn Capital Advisors Limited

MaxEn Capital Advisors was formed to provide advisory services and a platform for investing in technology companies and alternative energy related projects. Representative transactions included:

MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.
Co-founder, board member, and President of the MaxWest, which provided turnkey build, own and operate solutions for disposal of municipal waste water treatment sludge by gasification via a patented and proprietary gasification process. The company was founded in 2007, started up the first commercial system in 2008, and sold to Leaf Clean Energy Company in 2010 at 13x of original investment.

Aeicon MaxEn Partnership, AMP – Co-Trustee of AMP, a co-founding investor partnership of EPIC Clean Technologies Corporation (EPIC) – Mr. Heien also served as co-founder and a current board member of EPIC, a technology company which provides patented and proprietary coal gasification and sulfur clean up technology for power and energy related application.

Vice President – Enron Engineering and Construction

Established a third party service group which partnered with in-country companies in Mexico providing construction financing, engineering, procurement and construction for over $600,000,000 of offshore and onshore energy projects over 36 months. Project Portfolio averaged 9 ½ % profit margins on contract value with 100% repayment of construction financing. Representative projects included:

  • Akal Production Platform – Construction financing, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of production platform. Value: $22,000,000
  • Rig Refurbishment – Construction financing and refurbishment of two offshore drilling rigs for Pemex. Value: $30,000,000.
  • Offshore pipeline hookup – Construction financing for two offshore hookup contracts including engineering, procurement and installation: Value: $ 60,000,000.
  • Pipeline Installation – Construction financing and construction of 1100 KM of 24 crude oil pipelines. Value: $ 108,000,000.
  • Refinery Construction – Construction financing and upgrade construction of certain facilities at the Caytrata and Madero refineries. Value: $50,000,000.
  • Platform Living Quarters – Construction financing, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of four (4) offshore living quarters. Value: $273,000,000.
  • Offshore Pipeline Installation – Construction financing and installation of multiple pipeline installation for Pemex in the Bay of Campeche. Value: $109,000,000.
  • Corporate Financing – Corporate working capital financing for the third largest engineering and construction company in Mexico. Value: $30,000,000

Northern Engineering Inc. (NEI)

NEI was a consulting, full disciple engineering, turnkey contracting and project development company specializing in cogeneration, independent power, alternative energy and downstream oil and gas facilities located in Houston Texas. Mr Heien, acquired the company in 1986, and as majority owner and Chief Executive Officer, grew the company from a consulting company with less than a $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000 in service revenues and sold in 1990 to Agra Industries, 2nd largest Canadian engineering group, at 20x original investment. Representative projects include:

  • Texas City Union Carbide Cogeneration Plant – 450 MW cogeneration facility providing power and steam to chemical processing facility in Texas City Texas.
  • Teeside Cogeneration Plant – 2500 MW cogeneration facility in Teeside, England. The largest power facility of its kind at the time.
  • Texas Tech University Cogeneration Plant- 25 MW cogeneration providing power and steam to a university in Lubbock, Texas
  • Syracuse University Cogeneration Plant- 60 MW cogeneration facility providing power and steam to university in Syracuse, NY.
  • Milford Power Station – 150 MW independent power facility providing power to local grid in Milford, Massachusetts
  • Guatemala Power Facility – 60 MW barge mounted power plant located in Guatemala.

James O’Hara

Maxen Capital Advisors Limited

Senior Development Engineer -Manage development and financing support activities for alternative energy solutions, including gasification of solids & conversion to chemical products such as Methanol, Hydrogen, Syngas fuel, Ammonia, thermal power and bio-chars, animal waste and wind projects.

Maxwest Environmental Systems Inc.

Senior Engineer responsible for development activities related to conversion of bio-mass and bio-solids to thermal energy and high value chemical products.

  • Completed the first US commercial operation of a biosolds gasification facility including field testing of bio-solids gasification system, process debottlenecking, problem solving and analysis. Analysis of organic Rankine power cycles.

Trove International LLC

Co-founder and Principal of a multi-disciplined engineering company founded in 2004.

  • Provided support engineering to the Iraqi Power sector during 2004 – 2005. Restored 9 turbine generator plants during a six-month period in 2005 in combat conditions under U.S. Corp of Engineers contract.
  • Provided development engineering support for a 539 MW LNG fuelled cogeneration plant bid for El Salvador 2010 – 2012. Project value = US$950 MM.
  • Provided development engineering support for a 58 MW LNG/CNG fuelled cogeneration plant in Guatemala -2012. Project value = US$ 128 MM.
  • Provided development engineering support for an emergency 140 MW GTSC thermal power plant in Cyprus – 2011. Project value = US$ 78 MM.
  • Origination activities for an algae demonstration project producing fuel in Texas. Selected algae strains, initiated growing activities and initiated process engineering design. Land acquired. Project initial funding = US$ 3 MM.

Enron International Inc.

Held various senior positions including Vice President of Development, Chief Development Engineer, Director of Design Engineering. Projects included:

  • 124 MW power barge comprised of 7 diesel electric generators located in Guatemala. Project Value = US$135 MM.
  • 70 MW power barge comprised of 4 diesel electric generators located in Nicaragua. Project Value = US$74 MM.
  • Acquired 51% interest in 350 MW power plant in Panama via public bid. Project value = US$ 91 MM.
  • Developed a 185 MW combined cycle power plant in the Dominican Republic. Project value = US$ 204 MM.
  • Batangas Power station – 110 MW in the Philippines. Project value = US$ 150 MM.
  • Teesside Power Plant – Teesside England. 2,500 MW
  • Power Plant – Milford Mass, 150 MW GTCC plant.
  • Various project developments in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Ian McInnes

Served as Managing Director, Business Development, Climate Solutions for AES Corporation (NYSE:AES) and was based in China. AES is a significant global independent power producer based in Arlington, Virginia and has some 25,000 employees worldwide. It owns and operates 120 power stations in 25 countries. Prior to moving to live in China Ian consulted to AES Arlington on landfill gas, methane and greenhouse gas abatement before establishing the AES Climate Solutions Business Development Group in Beijing. His group developed, registered with UNFCC, constructed and commissioned the World’s largest VAM abatement project and his team were responsible for aggregating a mn tonnes per year of CDM-CER credits secured with Chongqing Energy.

Prior positions of Ian include five years as Executive General Manager Operations for Energy Developments Pty Ltd, (EDL) having responsibility for 35 power stations across Australia. EDL are a renewable energy company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Ian was also a member of the Corporate Executive Group of Orion New Zealand Ltd. and SouthPower Ltd for period of 10 years and the Executive Director of an Infratil/Orion/ Joint Venture Investment Fund, the first Government-supported venture capital fund in New Zealand. Ian is active in Governance & Management circles in New Zealand and is an accredited member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management.

AES Corporation (2008-2011) www.aes.com

Managing Director Business Development, Climate Solutions within AES China in early 2008 and was responsible for the CDM aspects of all projects in China through 2011. He was involved in small hydro, wind and conventional coal fired power-generation investments. His team was responsible for developing, registering with the UNFCCC, construction and commissioning within budget the largest Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) project in the world ( in 2010) in the City of Chongqing with Dongjiang Environmental and Chongqing Energy Group. During this period the Beijing team signed ERPA’s for the abatement of more than one millionn tons of CO2e per year from Hydro, Wind and VAM.

AES is a significant global independent power producer based in Arlington, Virginia and has some 25,000 employees worldwide. It owns and operates 120 power stations in 25 countries generating electricity from wind, hydro, coal and solar.

Prior to moving to live in China Ian consulted to AES Arlington on landfill gas, methane destruction and greenhouse gas abatement before being asked to establish the  AES Climate Solutions Business in China within the existing AES group based in Beijing. His AES-China group had a complement of 60 people that included business development, procurement, engineering and operations and was involved in developing new wind assets, small hydro and VAM methane destruction projects.

The Climate solutions group developed, registered, with UNFCC, constructed and commissioned the World’s largest VAM abatement project on time and within budget and his team was responsible for aggregating a million tonnes per year of CDM-CER credits secured with Chongqing Energy and others.

Energy Developments PTY Ltd (2003-2007) www.energydevelopments.com

Energy Developments is an ASX listed Renewable Energy Company in Australia . As Executive General Manager Operations Ian had responsibility for 35 small & medium power stations; During the four years in this role the Operations team increased MW output by more than 20% and assisted to increase EBIT by 17%. Ian was involved in major expansion projects with investments of over A$450mn, constructing a mixed refrigeration LNG plant and associated CAT reciprocating generation infrastructure at Karatha, Broome and Derby in Western Australia, 80MW of Coal Mine methane electricity generation in two mines in Queensland a CNG compression & electricity generation plant in Alice Springs and a large number of organic growth LFG electricity expansion projects.

Orion New Zealand Ltd (1998-2003) www.oriongroup.co.nz

From 1998 through early 2003 Ian was a member of the six person Corporate Executive Team reporting to the Board through the Managing Director. He was Executive General Manager of Operations with Orion New Zealand Ltd the South Islands largest and New Zealand’s 3rd largest regional Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company. During this time he held responsibility for a number of significant asset management, Information Technology and transmission / switch gear upgrade projects.

SouthPower Ltd (1993-1998)

From 1993 through 1998 Orion was known as SouthPower and had in addition to the above network assets an electricity retail customer base of 300,000 which had to be sold due to Government legislation separating lines and retail. Ian was initially General Manager of a range of technology companies which SouthPower had invested in from the local University and as the technology companies became self reliant, his role changed to one of GM Operations for the group.

Aquatherm Manufacturing Ltd ( 1987- 1992)

Ian established this company in partnership with a local Company Energy Products International Ltd . (EPI) during 1987 to manufacture boilers and heat-exchangers for the energy and district heating sectors in New Zealand . He sold his shareholding to EPI in 1992 who eventually sold it to the TYCO Group a few years later.

Dunlop New Zealand (1979 -1987)

Ian spent nine years with Dunlop New Zealand, a large International Manufacturing Group (UK owned at that time) in a range of managerial roles covering the disciplines of Marketing, Manufacturing, Purchasing & Supply and import/exporting.

Richard Westfahl

MaxEn Capital Advisors Limited

Co-Founder and Advisory Director of Catalyst Capital Development, LLC – a sustainable energy project development fund in the Americas.

Worldwide Capital Partners, LLC

Co-Founder and President of Worldwide which primarily focuses on energy related project opportunities:

  • Completion of seven (7) power plants in post war Iraq – Value: $175,000,000
  • Completion of a 500 MW power plant in Kuwait – $150,000,000

Enron Engineering and Construction Company (EECC)

Managing Director for EECC and Executive Vice President of National Energy Production Company, a wholly owned EECC subsidiary.

  • Responsible for all business development and engineering, procurement and construction performed for third parties with the successful completion of over twenty power generation facilities.
  • Backlog exceeded over $5 billion
  • Provided single largest contribution to annual earnings for the division averaging over $80 mn

Held senior executive positions for several multinational engineering and construction service firms:

Raytheon Engineering and Constructors Company

President of Raytheon Environmental Services Company, a wholly owned environmental services company

Harding Lawson Associates

Director of Business Development for providing environmental consulting services

Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation

Senior Vice-President – Deputy Manager. Formed the Nuclear Technology Division and managed operating offices in Richmond, Washington and Houston Texas.

United States Navy

  • U.S. Naval Academy graduate in Engineering, and M.S. in Oceanography
  • Former Nuclear Submarine Commander, Retired U. S. Naval Officer
  • Chairman of the Environmental Export Council of the United States
  • Active in Society of American Military Engineers, American Nuclear Society and Nature Conservancy

Howard Margulis

Howard Margulis is a Senior Managing Director and leads the New York office of MaxEn Capital.  Mr. Margulis is a licensed attorney in three (3) states and numerous federal courts and a recognized industry advisor and global financial transaction specialist across the full spectrum of global energy, natural resources, agribusiness and selected technology and infrastructure development deals, including domestic and international mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, project, corporate and private equity financings and development matters, and competitive markets and technology applications.  Mr. Margulis has experience structuring and negotiating energy, mining, oil and gas, agribusiness, computer technology, telecommunications and other infrastructure transactions, such as acquisitions, project loans, production sharing agreements, offtake agreements, capital market debt facilities, acquisition finance arrangements, private equity financings, structured/asset-backed financings, risk management instruments, hedging and commodity arrangements and infrastructure technology development.  He has particular experience in natural resource transactions as well as alternative energy technology matters, including clean-tech, waste-to-energy and renewable energy opportunities, having negotiated and obtained approval of a power purchase agreement for the first-of-its-kind commercial-scale biomass gasification power plant in the United States, developed the power purchase agreement for the largest proposed solar thermal storage project in the world, completed the investment capital transaction for leading coal-gasification technology for small power production between Chinese state-owned-enterprises and Peabody Energy and acted as lead investment banker in the sale of the a hydropower station system in upstate New York to Hudson Clean Energy Partners.   Howard also led the largest single capital investment into advanced algae-derived biofuels, a USD $90 mm investment into a U.S. algae production technology firm by an Asian petrochemical concern.  Recently, Howard led the negotiations for the sale of the world’s single largest LNG offtake arrangement (USD $ 50 billion) – Chevron’s sale from its tenements in the massive Australia Gorgon Field to Osaka Gas of Japan.  Currently, Howard is acting in several technology and energy/biofuel projects involving ethanol, geothermal energy in Germany, algae-derived nutritional supplements, potash mining, advanced computer and sports/media technology systems and development of greenfield oil and gas resources in Africa. He has developed international transaction expertise across Africa, Latin America, the United States, Europe, the former Soviet Union and Asia including private capital, mergers and public offerings.  He has acted for some of the largest power, mining, agriculture, technology development and petroleum companies in the world and maintains a global network of strategic capital and industrial relationships.  He was formerly a member of the Energy Practice Group at Skadden, Arps and other global law firms.  He graduated from Northwestern University (B.A. History, cum laude) and IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law (J.D., cum laude).  He is a member of the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) and the Executive Board of the America Israel Friendship League and the U.S. China Business Council.

Janet Lee

Janet Lee is currently a Business Manager with over 14 years of experience across multiple sectors, including property and casualty insurance, residential real estate and construction and renewable energy. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, with a focus on Organizational Behavior from University of Washington. Janet was brought on to work for MaxWest Environmental Systems as a project analyst and was instrumental during the startup process.   She was responsible for gathering and analyzing data to support waste to energy projects, submitting grant applications, preparing marketing proposals, managing the office infrastructure and day to day operations, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and monitoring project budgets and deliverables.  Prior to joining MaxWest, Janet worked for Safeco Insurance Company as a Diversity Analyst creating solutions on how to reach underserved markets, analyzing and reporting on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and executing the organization’s diversity initiatives.





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