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Structured Financial Solutions


MaxEn’s services include:

Capital raising for independent power projects using alternative and alternative alternative fuels and acquisition of companies with development and production opportunities;

Formation of investment funds using structures aimed at 100% principal protection, but with returns above investment grade;

Arranging financing through outside emerging market development sources, both equity and debt financing, for energy infrastructure development and industrial expansion;

Bridge equity for emerging companies and capital for acquisition of public companies with undervalued assets, which are available for sale to third parties.

In addition we offer stand-alone consulting services in all areas of the financing process as set out in the following table:

  • Commercial Analysis – Situation Assessment
  • Financing plan
  • Corporate structure
  • Financial/Capital structuring
  • Funding strategy
  • Create Business Plan
  • Create PPM and investor presentation
  • Fund Raising
  • Bid Preparation
  • Negotiation strategy and execution
  • Tender strategy and execution (RFIs and RFPs)
  • Bid management
  • Risk analysis
  • Commercial terms
  • Marketing strategy and execution

Project Finance Process

MaxEn takes a highly disciplined approach to all of our funding activities.  This means we leave no stone unturned. Our clients benefit from the results.

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