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Structured Financial Solutions

About Us

MaxEn Capital Advisors was born from a passion for implementing solutions to provide alternative energy, clean fuels, conversion & disposal of waste, and after many years of financing real estate developments and traditional energy related projects, principals of MaxEn, in 2003, shifted their focus to  alternative energy. At that time, interest in alternative energy was limited to visionaries, scientists, and environmentalists. Beginning in 2011, we divided our practices to include MaxEn Capital Advisors Limited and MaxEn Consulting & Development, LLC. Today we occupy a strong position with in-depth knowledge of leading technologies and related project development requirements.

Our assessment is that the demand for alternative energy products and services is likely to expand from a $55 billion market in 2006 – to well over $377.6 billion by 2016. During this period – 2006 to 2016:

  • Sale of solar photo-voltaics will grow from $15.6 billion to $160.9 billion
  • Wind-power will grow from $18 billion to $60 billion
  • Fuel cells will grow from $1 billion to $16 billion
  • LED manufacture will grow from $3.2 billion to $25.6 billion
  • Bio-mass, Bio-fuel industries will grow from $16 billion to $81 billion
  • Use of clean coal gasification will grow from $6 billion to $36 billion.

MaxEn Capital Advisors arranges equity and debt financing to these sectors as well as advisory services and development expertise. The company maintains close relationships with a wide variety of energy project financing sources, including providers of development capital, long term equity and limited-recourse debt.

These financing sources vary considerably in their appetite for development and technology risk, understanding of plant economics, IRR requirements, accounting constraints, ability to utilize tax benefits and approval processes.

The result is an extremely diverse set of investors and lenders, each unique. Our ability to anticipate and understand the details of these differences is essential when taking deals to market. MaxEn Capital Advisors maintains regular contacts with these sources in order to stay up-to-date on their needs and constraints, and to be able to select financing sources best-suited to a given technology, location and transaction size. Because we are independent of any financial institution your company can often benefit from the best terms the current capital markets have to offer.

In 2011 we organized Catalyst Development Capital Fund LLC.  This project equity funding platform targets the development phase of alternative energy projects by lending to developers, offering consulting expertise and taking part of the payment as equity. 

Our own MaxEn Consulting and Development, LLC provides hands on, professional project development experience to new development entities, investors, and lenders. Utilizing our many years of work in this area keep risk to a minimum, thus protecting capital invested.

Together with partners in China Water Investment Co. Ltd, we are also developing an investment platform for energy and environmental infrastructure projects in China – aptly named the Emerging China Strategies Fund.

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